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Rasslin' and Rollin' Flipfucks

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In this hot bareback action cum-pilation we start with longhaired Haven Sonstegard grappling with close-cropped Casper Cox on the mat. Stiff cocks are a dead giveaway that wrestling will turn to a hotter kind of mat action, and PRESTO, they are sucking each others' (And in Haven's case, his own) big fuckpoles. Haven gets down on all fours while Casper drives in from behind, balls slapping against firm muscled butt cheeks. After a tight athletic fuck the two sex athletes switch positions and Haven is plowing Casper's tight hole. A little fingering action later, Casper is spraying a fountain of seed into his own face and mouth.

Our second matchup is on a bed, but no less action-packed. Dustin Roller pushes smooth sculpted Andre Barclay to the bed and slurps down his giant cock. Andre grabs his buddy by the curly ducktail at the back of his neck and pulls his face down onto the stiff prong. He rolls Dustin over and shows some hot sucking skills of his own and a deep rimming that has Dustin begging for cock. Andre pumps it in slick and raw, flexing his powerful hips to go in the deepest. Teetering at the edge, Dustin holds back long enough to give Andre a deep juicy fuck of his own and catches the sticky spurts in his mouth. Andre finishes Dustin off with a hot fingerfuck that gets him squirting his load all over.