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Drillin' Drew Finds a Cum Sucking Hole

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Drew Baldwin is a tall slim working man with a stubbly 'stache and a need to pump a load somewhere hot and hungry. Hairy unshaven Tito Ace with his regular guy build might be just what Drew's looking for. Tito starts sucking then rims Baldwin's hair-lined crack, drives a finger in to check out the lay of the land. Drew backs his ass into Tito's insistent tongue and starts stroking.

Then we see dick drilling into hairy ass, but it's Drew doing the reaming and Tito's booty plowed full of horny stiff cock. Tito's gyrations on the tip of Drew's dick set his balls twirling in their furry sack. Licking his lips and spreading wide, Tito is a well-seasoned sperm bank who's ready to milk the juice out of Drew's big woody. He climbs on and grinds on the rockhard pole.

Lean mean Baldwin just wants to empty his seed into a warm throbbing hole and Tito's hole is begging for it. Drew throws back his head to just concentrate on feeling the warm wet sensation on his sperm shooter. Getting closer, he takes a big round cheek in each hand and pushes in hard and faster.

Sighing and groaning as he sucks in a deep breath, Drew mumbles "Shoot" as he squirts onto Tito's hairy hole, then drives it back in to spray a few shots more inside.