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Parker's Black Hole Milks William's Woody

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Parker Payne drops to his knees to welcome William Crown's big hard cock the minute he arrives. He swallows William to the fuzzy pubes, goes down to the balls and keeps his dick in there. When he backs his mouth away it's grown to its full impressive length and is stiff as a board. It's time for these two bareback horndogs to move on to the main event.

Parker grabs the back of the couch and sticks out his firm rounded ass for William to bury his face in. Crown sucks hard on the sweet pucker while he spreads the crack and muscular cheeks wide apart. He gives Parker's smooth chocolate buns an appreciative smack before he licks faster and beats his cock into a fuck-ready hardon.

William presses his pole into Parker's tight ass, gives a hard push to get it in and comfortable and holds on to both cheeks as he pumps away. Parker grinds his big booty back into each hard thrust, moaning "Oh FUCK, you like that ass!" Crown drills in deep when Parker climbs onto his lap to ride. Holding his junk in one hand and bracing with the other, greedy cockhound Parker slams straight down onto the slick juicy cock. They're both teetering on the edge of blowing their loads.

William flips Parker onto his back and plows in. He can't hold back now, racing to a big juicy finish. Parker's hole milks his dick for a batch of hot seed, as he grabs ahold of that butt and slams in faster. Pulling out just in time, creamy spurts of William's load splash out against the dark brown of Parker's big muscular ass.