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Showing Gemini a Few Things

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Lean scruffy Gemini is not experienced with guys, but J.R. is ready to show him a few things. First lesson, sucking cock. J.R. opens his fly and pops out his big shiny-smooth cock, that Gemini takes to "like candy". He nuzzles and takes each nut into his curious mouth, looking up at J.R. for approval. Now that J.R. is hard and wet with spit, it's time for Gemini to show off his tight little butt for a lickin.

Gemini's hole gets the attention of J.R.'s probing tongue and a gob of juicy saliva to make it all slippery and hot. A finger slides in and gets him ready to take something a lot bigger. J.R. slides his cock head along Gemini's wet crack and it just pops into the young stud's hungry, worked-up hole. Gemini backs into it, encourages J.R. to pump in hard and deep. It's a hot juicy slide and J.R. is getting off pulling out and shoving it back in while Gemini beats his dick.

Gemini scooches over to the edge of the bed and perches his stockinged feet on J.R.'s shoulders to take it to the limit, and J.R. gives him the pounding he needs. His groans speed up. There's a cum shot bubbling up in Gemini's smooth heavy nuts. He barely touches his cock before a big stream hits his tight abs. J.R. pulls out and plasters his crack with creamy sperm, then pushes it in and shoots the last few spurts into Gemini's fast-learning hole.