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Christian Bosses the Bossy Bottom

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Timothy Pink just arrived in LA and tough-talking daddy Christian Matthews is there getting first crack at that juicy hole. Timothy works up Christian's stiffy with a hearty suck session, watching him rise to the occasion till it's hard, ready to plow in and start the real fun!

Tim's under Christian's big tight nuts getting a faceful, and hot daddy gives just the kind of bossy talk he needs. "Are you my slut? Wanna be my cumdump?" gets Timothy's cockhunger all the more fired up. Christian drives in hard from behind, taking a firm hold on his hungry bottom's skull. Muffled moans from the pillow assure us how much bossy bottom Timothy loves getting that callous tough treatment.

Tim gasps as Christian's balls slap hard against his hairy ass crack. Daddy drills in like a madman, plunging his fingers into Timothy's mouth and holding on by the jaw. As he tosses him over on his back to ram his hole in missionary, Timothy gladly gets the deep raw, bareback fuck he craves. "Yeh, yeh, fucking cum in me!" he begs. It's the one order that Christian's willing to take from this passive bottom slut.

Fucking away with no mercy, Christian pulls out to feel the first shots spray out. He drives in hard to keep spurting into that insatiable hole, right where Tim needs them. Bred full of cum, Timothy sprays out onto Christian's chest, getting a cool, casual pat and a "Good boy!' for his hard work...