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Blaze is On Fire!

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Blaze moves fast, only taking about 30 seconds to work off the shirt and pants of Dereck Reese. Deftly taking Dereck's cock into his mouth, he swallows it whole and voila! Rock hard and ready to rumble. Dereck squirms in obviously aching need for relief. But he gobbles down Blaze as his own dick bobs in appreciation. Blaze's smooth hole responds to Dereck's probing finger and he can't help moaning. from his kneeling position it's just an easy reach-around to grab Dereck's stiff pole and guide it into his hungry ass. After Blaze gets a good hard ride, he flips and eases his smooth dick into his ponytailed buddy. Down on hands and knees, Dereck takes a hard fuck and beats his meat happily. Then it's another flip and Dereck is the one doing the pumping, speeding up to blow a load. He pulls out and drenches Blaze's ass in sticky manjuice, then rubs his cock around the crack and pushes the cumload back in. laze finishes by splattering Dereck's hole with a thick creamy wad.

Now Blaze is back with a close-cropped coiffure. His dick sure didn't get any shorter though, as studly Devon Chase finds out when he wraps his lips around the big hard pole. He wants to sit on the big cock, and just lets Blaze lie back and enjoy as he rides forward and back to get his fill. He reaches back and grabs Blaze by the knees to pump his pelvis up and down on the juicy meat. The lean tan stud turns onto his side for Blaze to plow on in, groaning like an animal in heat. Pulling him to the edge of the bed, Blaze holds Devon by the ankles and drives in hard. balls slapping against his buddy's ass, Blaze picks up speed and drives Devon to the edge of blasting. Emitting a low guttural roar, Devon announces he's gonna cum and sprays a creamy white splatter across his hairy chest. Blaze follows shortly after, drizzling a juicy wad that drips slowly down the hairs of Devon's quivering ass.