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Hans Berlin Pounds Nathan's Butt Filet On the Counter

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In the kitchen Hans and Nathan Daniels paw at each other and aim to fuck right there on the kitchen floor. Nathan blows Hans to start, drooling thick strings of spit that hang off Hans' cock and balls. He nearly gags on the long thick tube steak.

Needing cock, Nathan bends across the steel counter. Hans rims his hole like a starving stud. finger fucking him as he pants for breath. He wastes no time pumping in to Nathan's wet slick ass, pounds in with breathtaking force. He smacks the hungry butt with the back of his hand between manly thrusts.

Nathan climbs up and presents his wide open hole for Hans to dive in. Their bodies rumble and shake as they pound their gonads together. Hans' redhot pole plows in to the root, then he can't hold out much more. Pulling out to a spurting cum shot, he glazes Nathan's crack with a juicy stream. Hans rams his spraying dick back in and milks out a few more spurts. When he pulls back to spread Nathan's hairy cheeks, cum drizzles out of the well-fucked hole.

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