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Daddy Nick Wood Flips for Micah's Dark Meat

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Micah Martinez is a sexy stud with a beautiful slab of thick ebony man meat. Once Superman-tattooed daddy Nick Wood stops kissing Micah long enough to peel down his shorts and release the beast, he wants that meat in his mouth and everywhere else.

Nick tears down his shorts and grinds his mushroom-headed dick against Micah's. Micah's sculpted face and trim beard are a perfect complement to his hairy ass and long, low-hanging balls. These are two hot studs who are hot for each other. Micah shows his appreciation by sucking Nick to the bristly root of his big meaty pole. The sweet pleasantries are over, and both studs want to get down to raw, skin-to-skin fucking.

Nick eases into Micha's hungry hole and after a few pumps literally flips them both over till Micah is riding and grinding his ass onto bare cock. His stiff cock and heavy nuts bounce in time with frenzied cock riding. It's such a sexy sight and deep sensation that Nick wants a piece of the fuck action for his own ready ass.

Micah pounds in and slams his balls against Nick's pink hole as Nick bucks and backs into every hard stroke. His face is faraway and deep into getting bred. The two fuck studs are a perfectly meshed machine making sure that cocks and asses are stimulated to the ultimate sensation of mansex. Nick's hole is throbbing, milking Micah's cock and priming the pump for a volcanic cum eruption.

But it's Nick that can't wait, eyes bulging and ass, balls and cock in perfect coordination to spurt his heavy load. Seeing his bud pulsing and spasming with a deep full-body climax, Micah pulls out and sprays a thick stream on Nick's hole that drips down a well-fucked ass.

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