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Dalton Rams London's Hungry Hole

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Rise and shine for London Bexley after an intense night of getting plowed by hot tatted Daddy, fuckmaster Ray Dalton. As he sneaks away ravenous in the morning light, he pops a couple waffles in the kitchen toaster and impatiently covers them with sticky syrup. Barely getting a chance to cut a piece off with his fork, he notices Ray just behind him, morning wood up and ready for more action. A juicy kiss later, and London's getting hungry at both ends.

Dalton playfully grabs a big chunk of waffle and pops it into his jockstrap just above his straining, swelling cock. Bexley peels down the jock and nibbles on the slice, but now Ray's done it and made his appetite totally turn to thick juicy man meat. Getting into the game, London drizzles a stripe of syrup from the pubes to the domed tip of daddy's ample cock and laps up every sticky drop. Not one to be outdone, Dalton picks up the syrup and dribbles a line of sticky sweetness across the young stud's chest and taut nipples. Smearing it into a sticky glaze, he offers his syrupy fingers to London who eagerly licks the remains.

After morning waffles it's time for a main course of hot sausage, first in his greedy little mouth. London's mouth waters at the taste of raw, sexy meat, and soon he has worked up a thick coat of saliva that drips down and tickles Ray's balls, while Bexley keeps insistently working on getting him fuck hard. Once the dick is a sensitive stiff rod, he dives his head further back to tenderly suck and massage the thick heavy balls, packed with a ready load of hot sperm. Crazed with the hot oral attention, Ray sits on the edge of the kitchen sink to keep his balance.

His cock worked up to a stubborn frenzy, Ray turns the slutboy around to chow on his ass. After a taste-tickling appetizer, Ray needs to feel his cock fill up the furthest depths of London's greedy hole. The spit-slicked pucker opens up involuntarily at the touch of Dalton's head, and he smiles and moans with hearty encouragement to feel the whole thick member sliding in to fill him totally. Ray could easily pump hard and wild, but it's morning and he prefers to take it slow and intense. London backs onto the saliva-lubed pole and makes sure it's all the way in to the fuzzy root. Ray lets the spasms of his sensation swell and pulse through his dick to inner depths of Bexley's hole, rising into waves of hunger and pleasure. That hole belongs to him.

Starting smooth and deftly, Ray begins a tough, hard fuck rhythm that has London bracing himself against the oven. The two fuck-driven men pound ass and cock against each other. The dreamy, barely conscious look on Bexley's face shows how that dick is driving him into his own world of insane lust and satisfaction. Dalton smoothly increases speed and intensity, and London matches it with his own intense need to get his ass completely packed with hot, wet, jabbing cock. The young stud rocks up from his hands and knees and lets his head lurch with every powerful thrust.

Now it's time for London to gorge his ass with Dalton's perfect cock, and ride it till he can milk its creamy load from Ray's boiling balls. First though, time to get that pesky thong out of the way, which Ray deftly tears up the middle and tosses aside. Now there are no barriers to their man to man fucking. London rides it like his hole is starving for cock, and soon the intensity nears a point of no return. Bexly reaches forward and stretches out so Ray is now on his knees driving his fuckpole straight and balls deep into him. Dalton's body is a fuck machine, waves of tensing and spasming muscle, all aimed at shooting a massive load into the hot young stud's eager guts. As he feels the climax geyser up to the surface, he pulls out to glaze London's crack with the first big viscous drops, then drives it all the way in to share a massive shot of cream inside. As London moans in satisfaction, Ray works his thumb in and around the rim of his quivering, juicy hole. He feeds his seed from ass to Bexley's ravenous mouth, lapping up every drop. Breakfast is served.

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