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Conrad & Christian

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Damn, this boy can kiss, let's see how Conrad Daniels does on my cock. Trading jobs, it seem the boy also likes things a bit pungent; I shove his face into my underarm. Looking hot all rolled up, I then taste the boy's hole, sweet like candy. Shoving my cock in, Conrad was born to be fucked, hard.

Responding to Conrad's, "fuck yeahs," I bury my cock in deep and speed up the action. Taking over, the boy backs himself onto my cock over and over; "ride that dick," I command. I then lie on my back so that Conrad can ride me; I keep tugging at his dick to keep him focused. Jack-hammering from below, he takes a good pounding before blowing his load on me. Taking my smelly cock into his pie hole, Conrad sucks it and my balls until I explode; shit, that was as good as it tastes. Christian Mathews loves a sweet hole for BarebackRTXXX.com.

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