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Damien Breeds Chrisbot

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Hooking up, Chrisbot, in the tank, sits while being stroked by Damien; damn, someone wants to breed. With the top sucking while stroking, the cock is plentiful, both cut and "uncut." Tasting how much he can "down," Chrisbot opens his pie hole wide and "ass-pires". "You want this inside you?" Damien asks; Chrisbot flips to all fours for some "veggie time" before being fucked. The bottom's hole not only tastes good, it's good for ya, just ask Damien. Pounding in all kinds of positions, Damien then has his boy do a hot "sit -n-spin" before they both cum. Chrisbot manages to give us an even "happier trail" before Damien does a perfect "pearl jam." Puckered and ejecting, that hole looks well used.