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Damon Andros Barebcks Christian Matthews

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Fuck, Damon Andros' got some time for his eager boy, Christian Mathews; the daddy even sucks a bit before he sits to be serviced. Adding some spit and shine to Christian, Damon admires the bottom's ability to "choke and hold" for this BareBackRTXXX.com video. Tasting Christian's hole, Damon enjoys filling the boy up with spit, shoving his tongue in, and tasting the "booty."

"You ready for my dick boy?" Damon asks, as he pops his thick cock into place and starts pounding. Opening his, "cum dump," the bottom is rolled up and gettin' it hard. Zoomed into all the action, the top's cock gets coated in Christian's ass hair as he pulls back to take a look; by now the bottom is jerking and close. White-washing his mouth, Christian's creamy jizz puts daddy into a fuck-frenzy; Damon turns the boy doggie style and goes until he blows. Drenching the bottom's hole, Christian then fingers himself while cleaning up his daddy.